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Music Resume

If I can imagine it, I can create it.  Whatever style of music you need for your media I can produce it.  From Classical, Symphonic, Hip Hop, Metal, Country, Jazz, Blues or anything else.  Bumper Music, Theme Songs, background music, action music, suspense, commercial, TV, Film and Movie scoring.  I enjoy working with clients and making any changes necessary until you get exactly what you want for your project. 

Piano based track for video games, film, media etc. Guitars recorded using Roland VG-99, Halion 4, Piano One, Superior Drummer 2.0, real bass recorded using Cubase.

Complete Song Production. Produced the guitars, bass, piano and drums. (Video was produced by SALT). VSTs used: Superior Drummer 2.0, Piano One, Trilian Bass, real Guitars using Roland VG-99. (2014)

Professional Guitar and Bass tracks for your song (guitar performed by David AbiNader) for The Scene (2006). This song was recorded using 1-inch analog tape at Erich's Musical enterprise (18th & D) Sacramento CA.

Any style of music can be produced. This is a duet, recorded by DavidAbiNader (C) 2016. Recorded using Cubase, Rode NT1.

Edited MIDI, Mixed and Mastered this track, added Nylon Guitar and other Instruments. (Video produced by SALT)

Want professional guitar tracks for your audio needs? Here is a small example of some live playing. This was videoed at a recital I held for my students when I was a guitar teacher. Roseville CA, around 2014.

Here is another live playing example (also Improvisational). Downloaded a backing track and had some fun. Enjoy!

Produced the beats and background music for this animation scene. Animation by Art with Bart.

Produced, Mixed and Mastered all the music in this animation after 0:06 seconds. (I did not make the intro song). Animation by Bart Atsin. Check out his page Art with Bart on YouTube!